University of Melbourne Repository: Research Collections (UMER) http://localhost/StatisticsWebClient/rss.jsp Latest items from Research Collections (UMER) Hannah Arendt and the turn to life in international law 2014-05-29 The intonational phonology of Indian English: an autosegmental-metrical analysis based on Bengali and Kannada English 2014-05-27 'Kak MbI codeswitchaem': the range of Russianness in Melbourne 2014-05-27 The role of ethnic identity confirmation in knowledge transfer between expatriates and host country employees 2014-05-26 Distributed mobility and space investigated 2014-05-23 Beyond incantation: paths to the interpretation of André Jolivet's Sonata for flute and piano 2014-05-22 The Sri Lanka Malays: "dominated from the outside, dominated from the inside" 2014-05-21 Determining the optimum conditions for bending Radiata Pine wood by applying microwave softening technique 2014-05-21 Synthesis and biological evaluation of episilvestrol analogues 2014-05-21 Optimisation of rate-pitch perception in cochlear implant hearing 2014-05-21 thesis.pdf 2014-05-21 Extracting characteristics of human-produced video descriptions 2014-05-21 Functional analysis of genes in regions commonly amplified in high-grade serous and endometrioid ovarian cancer 2014-05-21 A woman of spirit: Lorna Osborn (1922-2011) and her circles: citizenship and influence through religion and education 2014-05-20 Crossing boundaries and lesson drawing: a case study of safe accommodation program transfer between Australia and India 2014-05-20 An ecological study of the sub-tidal macrophytic vegetation of three selected areas of Port Phillip Bay 2014-05-20 Homefront hostilities: the first world war and domestic violence in Victoria 2014-05-20 Uneasy allies: an Englishman in Australia: Henry Vigors Hewitt 1839-1931 2014-05-20 P 500 option-implied risk neutral distribution 2014-05-20 Geographic variation and speciation in the colour polymorphic tawny dragon lizard 2014-05-20